Correct Way To Install Pipewire (and purge PulseAudio)?

As the subject states, I’m looking for the ‘clean’ way to purge PulseAudio and install Pipewire in Manjaro Gnome. I found this but wasn’t sure how accurate it is:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


pamac install manjaro-pipewire
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You literally don’t need to remove anything first. Pamac will take care of removing conflicting packages.

Thanks everyone, any optional dependencies I should install that are recommended:

Choose optional dependencies for manjaro-pipewire:
1:  easyeffects: advanced equalizer and effects
2:  pipewire-jack: Jack support
3:  pipewire-v4l2: V4L2 interceptor
4:  pipewire-x11-bell: X11 bell
5:  pipewire-zeroconf: Zeroconf support
6:  realtime-privileges: Realtime privileges for users

Enter a selection (default=none): 

Thanks for the time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

I never install optional dependencies unless I have a need for them, which I rarely do. Do you have a need for them?

Nope, just on a new laptop and doing a clean installation. So, I’ll skip them for now.

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