Correct size for root partition

Hi, neat job !

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One argument : I would set the root directory to 100Go in today’s conditions (the new packagers like Flatpak & snap quickly increase the / use), here my 2 month old cleaned install :

[meuh@ordi1 ~]$ df -h | grep ^/dev
/dev/sda2           96G     27G   64G  30% /
/dev/sda1          247M    278K  246M   1% /boot/efi
/dev/sda3          820G    351G  428G  46% /home
[meuh@ordi1 ~]$

Anyhow, storage is really cheap so it preserves the install at no major cost.


96 is a lot: I’m on 48 GB now, but the next install will be 64…


I already happened to go over 60G of used space (before a large clean session) :wink:
But I also test a lot of new packaged apps.
Anyhow, the / use trend is up, thus it’s safer to use “a lot” than to have to repartition later on !
I use the same size for my Debian.

So not a “typical” user… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

I’m going to flag this conversation for mod attention to be split off into the Support - Installation, Boot and UEFI category as this is something we could take up in a [HowTo] tutorial…


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OK, we’ve split off the question about sizing from the main topic that was being discussed! :+1:

I’ve written about this previously for my previous OS and based that article on research: what vendors recommend as “minimum” and “recommended”
However, as we both now those are too low for power users and as you pointed out users that test systems have even higher demands of their system.

This is what I found back then:


so I’d line to add two columns to that (and then post an updated article here): “Power user” and “OS tester”.

Would you please be so kind to give some same recommendations for the "OS Tester categories?


Are you sure the current version if Discourse used on this forum supports this, or is it even enabled? Because I followed the guide you liniked for this forum and it doesn’t seem to function…

It’s perhaps aa question for the forum admins ?