Correct installation of guvcview

I want to install guvcview on kde plasma. What is the correct application of those offered by pamac when searching?

You need to install guvcview-qt
That will also install guvcview-common

From terminal:
pamac install guvcview-qt
sudo pacman -S guvcview-qt

Or use Pamac Ui.

Thanks for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:, although after installing it I have some problems:

With the default settings, the image shown by the camera, has a completely green tint. I see that the problem is in the camera output and MJPG (this is the default option). I have tried the other options, and they all give a normal image. I have selected H264, but I have no idea what the best option might be.

When recording video with audio, the audio has a long delay. I have tried different settings but nothing seems to solve it.

I also notice that the menus of the app seem a little reduced, with less adjustments than I have seen in some reviews and images from the internet. Is this related to the Qt version?

I don’t think. The Qt version should integrate better in KDE Plasma, since you use that, but there is no problem to test the GTK+ version by installing the guvcview package.

Try with:
v4l2-ctl --list-devices
and then based if is video0 or video1 to use the controls of the webcam to change things, for example:
v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --list-ctrls
The list of controls should show if you can adjust the image …