Correct GTK 3/4 title bar theme in Xfce 4.16

My GTK title bars are distorted.

The theme I am trying to use is called Mojave-gtk-theme which can be found here on GitHub by vinceliuice. To see a demo of the end result that I am aiming for, you can see the screenshots at the bottom of that GitHub’s

However my apps don’t look anything like that. My title bars look like this.

The problem is present in both Xfce 4.16 and Gnome 40.

I deleted my ~/.themes directory which reset everything. But even the stock themes that come with Xfce (like Matcha-dark or Adwaita) appear distorted in the same way.

Is there any other information I could provide to help troubleshoot?

So, let me guess, you also have KDE Plasma installed ?
Either way, have a look here

Thank you. This worked. :slight_smile:

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