I installed this packages of manjaro community ‘coreboot-configurator’ but it does not open at all, I tried opening on terminal but it’s not recognized.
Is there a way to fix it?

From the link:

sudo pacman -Sy coreboot-configurator

Do not do that. Its asking for a partial-upgrade. Which is near synonymous with broken-state.

Moving on (well, somewhat related)…
Are you up to date?

sudo pacman -Syu

(which you should do before installing packages … their command above would be fine if it added u)

And if you enter coreboot-configurator into terminal you get no output?
If you do get output share it here.

Yes, I have everything updated and I just checked again just in case.

there’s no output for ‘coreboot-configurator’, and it get’s red in the terminal you know like when you mistype or the package is not installed or does not exist.

Even on pamac gui there only the option to remove it or reinstall, but not to open it as bellow:

There’s nothing to open, it doesn’t install any files. :man_facepalming:

Yes, I’ll take a look.

Thanks, also if possible it could be updated to the latest version 7, the current version in the manjaro repos is 5.

coreboot-configurator 7.f-1 is pushed to all branches.

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Wow thanks a lot for the great work!!!

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