Copying i3 config file from /etc/i3/config is not the default i3 config in Manjaro. So where is it?

Hi, so I really like the default i3 that comes with manjaro, but I want to make some changes. Following a topic in here (I am not allowred to post links in here so I cant include it), the advice was to copy:




But when restart i3, suddenly, the gaps are gone, the panel is different (different color, too), and the MOD key is now Alt instead of SUPER.

So, this config file is clearly not the one used by Manjaro. My question is, where is that one?

Best, Emil

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With all Manjaro editions, user settings are copied from /etc/skel/ upon first installation. What you’re looking for is in /etc/skel/.i3/config/.

Thank you!

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