Copy Paste not working across programs

Hey Folks,

i recently switched from debian to manjaro, am very happy with it and will probably stay here! The only major bug, i cannot pin down and am far of resolving is the copy/paste problem.
I am using evolution as a mail client, i can copy/past within evolution
BUT i can*t copy/paste to another app, does not matter what.
Same with libre office writer.
i can copy paste within firefox and from firefox to any other app.

what i did is installing gpaste, which did not do the trick, nothing copied within evolution or writer appears.

i m using gnome with wayland.

due to the fact, that i do a lot of textwork, copy/paste is an essential for me.

thanks in advance for any guiding tips, or help.

There’s an open issue about it upstream:

okey, but no fix or workaround yet, that seems odd for a bug this persistent. i will subscribe the bugreport, thanks for the link

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I have the same problem

As there is a open issue upstream, the act of reporting that you also suffer from this behavior is not useful. If you need help / solutions for issues please make a new thread with your issue and refer to this thread or the gnome issue above.

Switch to Xorg if you are having this problem.

I solve the issue by inspecting my entire system and looking up what services. There were a process that have conflicts with the copy paste deamon.