Copy Linux to another drive?

Not sure how close it is, but my drive is closer to failing. Anyway, if I get a drive & clone it to it by putting it in a USB encloser will it boot up fine once in sys hooked up to the same SATA port? What is the best way to do a copy of how it is?

Best to have this page bookmarked You may have to restore grub. Secondly some cloning methods work to well. They make an exact copy including the UUID of the partition. When two partitions have the same UUID it can mess up the computer booting. Once you have it cloned delete the original or unhook the drive. I would use gparted, its included on the Manjaro install media.

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Ya planning to just copy with gparted, any tools to tell how long my drive has?

Its always a guess on the life left in a drive, but gsmartcontrol can tell you a lot about its health.

using an external clonning Distro like “Clonezilla” would be enough to copy “linux” to another drive without any problem even including Grub …

Although as @Jim.B indicated beware of the UUID detail.
If the system boots with both original and copy with the same UUID strange things may happen (personal experience) …
So double check after the copy that only one of the disks is connected …

Not did this operation recently, but had tried it once many years ago.
I have noticed that fstab should be modified before the system been cloned. For example, UUIDs should be changed to mount points or labels of partitions. After cloning, the sys-image should also be re-generated for excluding some special drivers only existed in the working machine and including serveral common ones. And at last, the grub should be reinstalled.
I’ve forgotten the details of the working process, and only knows that it was really complex.

It will be the same sys, with that drive disconnected to put the new one in.

You should be fine, just disconnect the old drive before starting the system again after you copy the partition. I would use an up to date Manjaro install media to do it. That way if you need to reinstall grub you already have the tools to do that. If its a large drive start the copy before you go to bed to avoid boredom waiting for it to finish.

Ya, it is 1 TB, when I tried to do the partitions when I insalled it didn’t let me, I wasn’t doing something right not sure what.