Copy files to USB stick

So i tried to copy files to my usb stick and could not

I cant copy a whole folder but i can copy files and then make a folder…
What is the solution copying whole folder? sorry for my english. Thanks.

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:, you could mention a few things as -

  1. What is the file-system of the USB drive?
  2. You can enable read-write permission for that drive, if not already, using sudo chmod a+rwx mountpoint
    where mountpoint is the mount point of that USB drive [To get that, first open a terminal inside the USB drive from dolphin, then enter the command pwd. The output is your mountpoint.]
    The mountpoint should be something like /run/media/your_username/###
  3. Is it somehow corrupt? (If the drive is empty, you can try formatting it then see if everything works)

What program or console command did you use to copy ?

I would use rsync to copy file to an USB stick.

rsync -ahr /source /destination

and after that sync on console.

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I just want to copy a simple folder to my usb :confused: my file sistem it is ntfs

Does the name of your usb-Stick have spaces?
This should be avoided at all cost…
If this is the case: Never use any special charakters like äöü or ß
Or for french people the `´^ in the name of files.
Also no Spaces

Nothing like that. I format my usb Ntfs and I wanted just copy a whole folder but I couldn’t…

and the reply was:

but the (unquotable) screenshot tells a different story …

I’d use a linux native filesystem if no interaction with other OS is expected or required.
I’d use fat or exfat if interaction with Windows was required.
… although Ntfs should work as well, it is not a natively supported filesystem - some extra software and configuration might be necessary

If you have a space at the end of a file/folder name, or other special case unsupported by NTFS, it may be the issue here.


Yeah, try interactive diagnose: copy the source folder name, navigate to your destination location, create a new folder (empty one) and than paste that name: will that renaming of the just created empty folder be successful or not?..

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Thanks brooooo

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@Carlo, thank you that you marked my post as solution, but to play fair, I did not earn it. Please consider to mark as solution the post of user omano above mine: I just expand his idea to step by step instruction. But the root idea itself belongs to work result of his mind.

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