Copy date/time from the start panel

In Linux Mint I used to place the date/clock on the right hand side of my start panel. In Manjaro I did this too. Now I note a difference in function: in Linux Mint I could right click the date/time, copy and paste the current date/time to a file.

In Manjaro?

Mint has many flavours
just as Manjaro
Mint’s “flagship” is Cinnamon.
Which Manjaro DE are you talking about? - the standard (flagship) is Xfce

in a terminal, type:

maybe that helps you - it surely can be copy/pasted

I have got Mint Mate and Manjaro XFCE. A terminal command is certainly possible, however, I need to type date +"%a %Y-%m-%d %H:%M" to obtain the format I like, e.g. Mi 2021-04-07 08:11. The Mint Mate functionality with right click on the clock, copy, paste was more comfortable. Therefore my question.

or you can create an alias :thinking:

These are obviously not the same DE and Xfce doesn’t have that functionality which Mate has, apparently.
It’s not a difference between Mint and Manjaro, it’s a difference between the two Desktop Environments.

I have never used Mate, I don’t know it first hand.


You can always try the Manjaro Mate Community Edition if you want the same DE.

Understood. Thanx.