Copy an Iso image to vfat USB stick doesn´t work

I am using KDE latest version and I have a small problem:
copying an ISO image (manjaro 20.1.1) to a vfat USB stick doesn´t work.
The complete data amount is copied to USB stick and then the copying process stalls.

You need to flash it to a USB stick, not just copy the data.

So any software that can flash/burn data, like DD, Etcher, ImageWriter etc can do it.


Noob to noob advice:

I made boot able install media USB like 30 times this week by the plain coand in terminal (being in the same folder where the iso is saved) :

sudo cp X.iso /dev/sdX

Lsblk to see which drive is my pendrive and not to destroy my other drives…
X is the actual names in your case.

This always worked flawlessly for me to install any distro. Once when it didn’t work than I used the Gnome Disk GUi app fr the App Store (pamac) to delete partitions first and create new partition table so to erase the pendrive because of some issues which is above my head.

I want to copy the image to vfat USB stick and don´t want to flash the ISO image.
I want to transfer to ISO image to another computer.

You could use Ventoy, but only if you have a pendrive to spare (you can format it later). After unzipping the download folder (I am assuming you would do this in download).
In terminal do:
To find your pendrive:lsblk
Please make note of where your pendrive is, should be /dev/sda or /dev/sdb (or similar to this).
Change directory to download (you can use tab to autocomplete): cd Download
Change directory into Ventoy folder cd ventoy-1.0.17 (your number might be different here).
Then to format pendrive with venttoy sh -i /dev/sdX
After this you can move your downloaded iso to the ventoy pendrive

I THINK you can copy iso from one computer to another this way (I am not sure though).

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The maximal possible size for a file on a FAT32 volume is 4 GiB but this should be normally no problem as the KDE iso should be smaller, nevertheless better check your file. Maybe you just have to wait for the verification of the copy process which could take a while for such a large file and a slow usb stick.

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OK. I try to copy the ISO image and wait until…

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I have waited 1/2 hour.

Now the write process has finished.


i can vouch…
i have a ventoy stick where i think i have interchanged number of iso on and off to be used either to install on friends pc/laptop OR just let them copy the iso :+1:

EDIT: to be honest, i also use the ventoy stick as normal usb stick to transfer files [obviously by freeing up space and removing the isos] ventoy stick just works as my OS installer OR my data temperary transfer medium !

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Could be the ISO size. FAT32 limit is 4G - Reformat your USB to exfat.

I think I made a guide in #contributions:Tutorials

The original was faster to find - USB partition script | NIX NOTES

No - your usb is slow - your system is waiting for the cache to flush to the device.

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just sharing my experience.
i was able to transfer a 4.9g iso to my 8gb fat32 usb stick [with ventoy]

Yup - ventoy defaults to exfat - OP specifically states vfat - which is not the same as exfat.

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aah… wasnt aware of that, coz i just got a 8g stick and flashed ventoy then did it ! thanks bro :+1:

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