Cookies get automatically cleared

So I have noticed that in every day or two, the cookies of the browsers get automatically cleared without notice. At first I thought that it is just for chromium, but recently I switched to opera, and the issue is still here. Logging in every single time using password is painful and frustrating. The cookies of both of the browsers (chromium & opera, I don’t use firefox) gets cleared and it’s only the cookies, not the history or bookmarks. Is there any possible solution/workaround for it? Thank you

[Kernel: 5.12.9-1]
[Manjaro XFCE]

browser settings - not Manjaro - or you are running browser as different user.

Are you sure about this? Because cookies did not get cleared when I used the same browser in windows before. And I am using a single user account for my laptop.


browsers do not clear any history what-so-ever unless you tell it to

This does not look bad anyways. Besides, why would two browsers behave the same way?

As they were perfectly fine in windows.

And the history are not cleared. It’s only the cookies, so I need to log in again and again everywhere.

some site are now using cookies that expire, there not deleted there just not the right cookie anymore.
it’s that pesky security thing everyone seems to care about, i don’t care, i just want to be lazy & click click, read , move on, why can’t it be simple.
the open internet requires a knock & introduction, why can’t we just let ourselves in.

So those sites include facebook, google, and this forum too?

facebook, google, and this forum log you out if you access from a different device, for example, i use my tablet & have to log back in when i come back to my rpi desktop.

Well I am using my laptop only to log in to this forum, so

like i said, cookies can also be set to expire.

Then it should happen in windows too, right? But in windows, I don’t have to login again in months. Here, browsers ask me to login every day or two.

sites treat other os’s differently.
windows has always had special treatment. they do things there own way.

have you compared settings, maybe you missed something.

i don’t have any windows devices so i can’t help you with what it might be doing differently.

Check any browser settings for password auto-fill and automatic login / sign-in. Maybe you had them set to be on on Windows but not on Linux.