Continous freezing even before boot


i am quite desperate right now and i am not even sure what could possibly be causing this but here is what is happening:

Every time i power on my laptop it would normally display an acer-logo, then take me to grub. I Have a
Manjaro KDE Plasma and Windows 10 Dual-Boot setup. Now, instead the laptop will seemingly freeze at some point during this procedure and only thing i can do is hard reset.

I have tried:

  1. to get into BIOS
  2. to get in the BOOT menu and boot either Windows or Manjaro
  3. to boot live linux from USB

but there seems to be some randomness to it. Most of the times it will just freeze. If i make it to either BIOS or BOOT i am able to make changes as usual. If i make it to grub it will mostly just freeze (with timer freezing at either 10s/9s or before the 10s timer gets even displayed). Booting manjaro never works, booting Windows sometimes works.

Either option works fine once open. I can use Windows normally without freezing.

I have never encountered something like this and frankly i am just grasping at straws.
If i can provide anything that might help i will be happy to do so.


This just resolved itself…