Consistency between different Manjaro flavors

I’ve tried out the latest XFCE and KDE ISO images on the download page, and one thing that has always stuck out to me was the lack of consistency between the flavors.

The 2 that really jump out at me is the terminal on KDE by default is now zsh, which is great. Even has some Manjaro customization behind it. But XFCE, the default is bash. Is there a reason for this?

Also KDE has the Manjaro News application (matray) preinstalled, where has XFCE does not.

This is not a complaint, just an observation that I was curious about.

Hi @Gnisha,
Because KDE and XFCE are different DEs and that makes a big difference.

Regarding the ZSH vs bash, specifically, bash is in the Xfce edition as Xfce is suppposed to be more lightweight and the KDE edition is more rounded and uses the powerlevel 10k ZSH theme, making it less barebones.

Also, because Xfce and KDE are different DEs, makes sense that their preloaded applications are different, since they use different frameworks and are not the same thing.

Hope this helps!


That actually does make sense.

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That’s because, in general, Manjaro makes sense! :wink:


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