ConnectWise Control aka ScreenConnect

I’m new to Manjaro but really love it so far. The problem I have is that I would need to run ScreenConnect aka ConnectWise Control to remotely support my clients.

Is it possible to install or run this software?
I’m going to assume the answer is “No” but I thought I would ask here.

The ScreenConnect Linux (client) runs as a Java package which I am able to get running fine using IcedTea.

However the ScreenConnect Linux “Access” agent (host) is only downloadable as an .RPM (RedHat), .DEB (Debian dpkg), or a .SH script.

After a brief look at the bash script it only seems to check if your running, Debian, RedHat, or MacOS and install the correct package. Doesn’t seem to have any pacman or AUR resources.

ConnectWise Control is closed source software so I’m assuming I’m SOL trying to install or run the .DEB or .RPM packages. Right?

Hi @TecMate, and welcome!

I know there is a better way, I just don’t know what it is, but check out Debtap, especially is the .sh file does nothing more than install the appropriate package.