Connection issue - VPN

Hi Community,
The Proton VPN on my machine was not working for a good while and proceeded with updating it yesterday since I needed it.
Now it seems I can’t connect to the internet without Proton VPN.
Any idea what I should do?
I’m afraid to uninstall Proton VPN as I could lose the connection to the internet altogether.
I found these instructions
Should I follow these? Thank you in advance

I dont know about Proton VPN, but I can recommend you Mullvad, Mullvad VPN - Por un Internet libre

Works fine in all distro and is very simple to install it. This is the guide:

Im very happy with it.

Mullvad works really well.
But I was stingy and chose Atlasvpn.
But they closed shop - and transferred all their users to nordvpn.
… where I’ll be for the remainder of the almost 3 years term I paid Atlasvpn for.

It doesn’t work as conveniently as Mullvad - but it works.

Check your settings. The client might have a firewall enabled that prevents internet access when not using the VPN.

I would check the dns first.

As i use split tunneling on my desktop, i recommend mullvad or maybe surfshark.
Then, if you are using it also on mobile, mullvad seems to move forward regarding any kind of leaks.

I do not know if this is the case for the others.

Thank you all for your replies.
I thought I would update the thread with the solution to the problem:

  • as expected, when I removed proton VPN, I lost all connection to the internet.
    So i proceeded with the following:
  1. nmcli connection show --active
    to identify the pvpn-protection… connection: Look for any connections with the pvpn- prefix. This usually includes pvpn-killswitch and pvpn-ipv6leak-protection, and may include pvpn-routed-killswitch.
  2. nmcli connection delete [pvpn-protection…]
    Delete all these pvpn connections using the above command.

I had then an active internet connection.

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