Connecting to Wifi KILLS my internet connection (wifi network still active) since last update

I updated my machine yesterday (and today again!) there were a bunch of updates (1.3G download both times) but since then, when I connect to my wifi it just kills my internet connection. I have internet for a few seconds and then no more. After a while the “Limited connectivity” notification appears with the exclamation mark above the wifi tray icon.

It does disconnect internet for every other devices connected to the box.

If that helps I’m with Vodafone (1 month old modem).

I can only connect to the web when tethering through my phone :frowning_face:

Any idea where to start investigating? :grimacing:

It a curse to be KDE user. With KDE I have no idea where to begin.

Some basic troubleshooting may provide further insigth as I suspect it is a DNS issue.

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Thanks for your reply.

Looks like it doesn’t even leave the local network

nmcli device show | grep IP4
IP4.ROUTE[1]:                           dst =, nh =, mt = 20600
IP4.ROUTE[2]:                           dst =, nh =, mt = 600
IP4.DOMAIN[1]:                          station
IP4.GATEWAY:                            --
IP4.ROUTE[1]:                           dst =, nh =, mt = 0
IP4.GATEWAY:                            --
IP4.ROUTE[1]:                           dst =, nh =, mt = 0
IP4.GATEWAY:                            --
IP4.GATEWAY:                            --

And can’t ping my gateway

ping -c 3
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

--- ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 2033ms

Tried upgrading my kernel to 5.14 too but no luck

I just noticed also that the router eventually reconnects to Internet after a few minutes if I keep out of the network with my laptop. :man_shrugging:

So I installed Manjaro again and everything was back in order.
Somehow the issue came back after installing xf86-input-synaptics not sure if it is just random or related to this package but even removing it didn’t solve the issue somehow :man_shrugging: