Connecting to proxy server manually

I need to connect to a proxy server to be able to access internet at my university campus. I have the IP and port to the proxy server available but am unable to find a way to connect to it.

Proxy tab in edit connection from nm-applet is not providing a manual proxy setup unlike it is available on my android phone.

It is pretty easy to write a pac file…

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {



This example is the bare minimum and has a fallback mechanism.

There lots of example on the net, like that here: Writing and Testing Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) Files - ThousandEyes Documentation

Do all universities have that? Why not allow students to access the Internet directly? Was it made for safety or something? I think my school does not use anything like that, and we just use Wi-Fi directly.

Contemplate your first question - and how anyone could possibly answer it confidently.

I’d say: no

The rest of the questions you’d have to ask those places
that do use something like that
for their reasons.