Connecting to proxy server manually

I need to connect to a proxy server to be able to access internet at my university campus. I have the IP and port to the proxy server available but am unable to find a way to connect to it.

Proxy tab in edit connection from nm-applet is not providing a manual proxy setup unlike it is available on my android phone.

It is pretty easy to write a pac file…

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {



This example is the bare minimum and has a fallback mechanism.

There lots of example on the net, like that here: Writing and Testing Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) Files - ThousandEyes Documentation

Do all universities have that? Why not allow students to access the Internet directly? Was it made for safety or something? I think my school does not use anything like that, and we just use Wi-Fi directly.

Contemplate your first question - and how anyone could possibly answer it confidently.

I’d say: no

The rest of the questions you’d have to ask those places
that do use something like that
for their reasons.

To connect manually, you must have all the information about the proxy. Moreover, knowing how to connect is important because there is a certain sequence of actions.