Connecting to isolated lan and wifi at the same time

Hello all,

I work in a Lab and we need to have some of our measurement equipment on a separate network (not connected to global internet).
I am having issues trying to connect to both this (lab) network and to the Global network through WiFi. When both connections are open it keeps kicking me from the Ethernet every few minutes and I lose data because of this…

I am using Manjaro I3 on a Lenovo Thinkpad P15s
I tried bonding the network interfaces, but that didn’t work.

Bonding cannot work here. It can only work of you’re connected to the same network.

It should work however.

Usually, the routing provided by DHCP should be valid. But maybe there are overlapping IP addresses and you have to add your own routing rules.

That’s because the default network setup uses the default gateway to the device: route your ethernet card.
The solution should be as simple as creating a static config without a default route, eg. only a route to your lab’s network using your ethernet device.
Make sure your lab uses a different IP-network as the wifi’s gateway, so that the traffic is routed correctly.

I would suggest to use a systemd-network config for the lab connection, see:

Oh yes thank you! I setup a static config and now it works :slight_smile:

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