Connecting to 2 wifi networks at the same time?

Hello everyone !

This is maybe a weird and nerdy question, but I’m sure that someone will have thought of it before.
How can I connect to multiple wifi networks at the same time ? Is it even possible ?

To dodge the famous A-B problem, what I’m trying to do is connect to my ISP’s router wifi where my octoprint server is running but has currently no internet because of a local outage ; And at the same time connect to my phone’s hotspot which is getting me internet by cellular data.
I want to monitor my 3D prints (in the other room, I know, very necessary) and at the same time watch youtube videos (still immensely necessary).
If this can be done and not look too much out of place in Gnome, I’m grateful, but just having it would be great.

My system is an Asus ROG GL502VS laptop, and I’m willing to provide additional information if necessary.

I’ve got some basic networking knowledge, but I’m really not much more than an initiated undergrad CS student.

Any help or direction is welcome :smile:

You probably need 2 wifi adapters to connect to 2 networks at the same time.

Ok, fair enough, I’ll probably get a wifi usb dongle.

What about the method described here ? - How do I connect to multiple wifi networks?
I can add a virtual interface, but utimately it’s not seeing any wifi networks. Is there a way to make this work ? (Asking because the topic is from 2014 and I’m curious if this would be a step forward)

It can only work if your Wifi networks are on the same chanel. While connect, the wifi device can’t change the channel.

I’m also not sure if network Manager can handle something like that for the second network. You might need to do this manually.