Connected to WiFi network but no internet.

Hello, I’ve been using manjaro plasma for a couple of weeks but recently I had the internet problem. I’ve been trying to do different functions but it seems that nothing wants to respond. I am simply connected to my wifi network but without internet. I’m pretty new to linux and I can’t find a solution to this.

Hello @Lawn and welcome :wink:

Please take a look here:

Especially the system information would be needed here.

And most especially

inxi -n

Without filter, so that we can see if you has for example an ip address starting with 169 which will indicate a dhcp problem, which is pretty much the only thing that can go wrong with a wifi after a successful authentication.

Also TIME.
I’ve seen a bunch of DNS-related issues … and while I have thoughts about the default implementation of that … another very common problem is simply the TIME (and/or date) is not set correctly.

(this can be more obvious in situations where, for example, ping works, but not domain lookup/browser)