Connect to network before login

I’ve noticed that on boot/reboot, my system doesn’t reconnect to the wifi network until I have logged in. Is there a way to reconnect to the network automatically on boot before login?

Please explain for what purpose you need network before login?

My system is hosting a media server for my home. I don’t want to have to login for it to be accessable.

Don’t use wifi connections to host servers - it is unstable and error prone - connect using cable to avoid connection issues like this.

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If I could I would. Now is there a solution to my question?

Yes configure your Wifi connection using systemd-networkd, this post should be helpful :wink:

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Nice link - I know it is possible.

You can - wired connections are always a possibility - they may require extra work - but it is well worth it.

Frankly - running a network service using a wifi connection is asking for trouble but alas - when you get service issues - please don’t ask us for help because it is fragile at best and troublesome at worst.

Calm down, it’s home TVs accessing a Plex server on Manjaro. It works absolutely solid once the Manjaro system connects to the wifi.

If you want to connect to your WiFi before you login, configure it that way. It is not that complicated.

How it is configured depends on the software you use to set up your network connection. It is often NetworManager, but there are others.

If you use NM, make sure the WiFi password is stored unencrypted in the connection file. To do this use the “Store the password for all user” option. Make also sure every user is allowed to use this wifi connection.

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