Connect Panel Preferences to Display profiles or integrate one into the other

I’m running Manjaro XFCE as my daily driver on my work machine. uname -srm outputs Linux 5.15.21-1-MANJARO x86_64.

Due to the pandemic, I’ve been working from home a lot, where my display setup differs from my office setup, as in having a different number and different kind of external displays. To be specific, at home I’ve got two external displays connected via HDMI using a USB-C-Hub; at work, I’ve got one external display of a different brand, different screen size, and different resoluton, connected via HDMI using a different USB-C dongle.

At home, I like to have my Panel shown on the center display, which happens to be Output: DP-1-2. When I’m in the office, no display of such name is known. There, I only get Primary and one display named eDP-1. Whenever I switch work setups (i.e. switching from home to office, or vice versa), the Panel settings stick to the old (and now unknown) display, thus hiding the Panel from me, until I set it to another of the given (and available) display options. I’ve tried to to set Profiles (using the Advanced tab in the Display settings GUI), but the Panel settings do not seem to be connected to these Profiles. So far, I’ve not had the chance to try out the Output: Automatic option, as I’ve just discovered it. This might already solve my specific problem. At home, where I am currently at, Automatic brings the Panel to my preferred (center) display. This might not be the case for other users, though.

Feature request: Link the Panel settings to a Display profile, if defined. Maybe make it optional, by way of a checkbox/slider thingy inside the Display’s Profile AND the Panel settings (whatever the user selects in either one should transfer to the other one. If not, only have the setting on one of the menus, preferably the Profile settings). In trying to solve this “problem” whenever I switch my work setup, I’ve initially searched inside the Display settings for it. It might be desired to integrate the Panel settings into the Display settings, although this might only be my (so far lacking) experience using Manjaro.

I’ve been enjoying using Manjaro a great deal so far, but this has been damping the mood a bit. It would be great if the maintainers could look into it :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards!

Have you tried xfce4-panel-profiles (AUR) ?

It still doesn’t seem to synchronize with display profiles, but it should at least make managing panels easier between display profiles. You should open a feature request upstream.

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Manjaro does not develop XFCE — nor GNOME or KDE Plasma, for that matter. We only provide the software as it reaches us via Arch Linux, and even the Arch developers themselves don’t write or maintain the desktop environments.

As @maycne.sonahoz said, such feature requests should be directed at the XFCE developers upstream.


Thanks for you replies! I’ll issue this as a feature request on the corresponding XFCE repositories.

@maycne.sonahoz I’ve not had a chance to try xfce4-panel-profiles. Will do, though. Thanks :slight_smile:

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