Connect and disconnect wifi connection

Hey, guys. Every time that I’m in Manjaro I lose and gain my WiFi internet connection.

When I’m connected it starts popping some “wired connection 1”, “wired connection 2”, and “wired connection 3” trying to connect and that’s when it starts to lose and gain connection.

I did some research and the only thing that is working so far is that I type systemclt stop dhcpcd.service and so far is working. So, every time that I login into my PC I have to type that command. Sometimes I have to shut it down.

I’d appreciate the help!


By default we use NetworkManager.service and the dhcpcd.service is interfering … You can’t use two network managers simultaneously. So, disable dhcpcd.service
systemctl disable dhcpcd.service

Reboot and see how that goes :wink:


Thanks, I did.

I’ll see how it goes and if something comes up I’ll let you know.

It worked for a couple of hours then it started with the same issue. I had to type systemctl disable dhcpcd.service and reboot again.

That means you use some software that specifically requires dhcpcd.service to be running, so even tho is disabled, when requested, it will start, hence making the connection unavailable anymore.
In that case, you can mask the service:
systemctl mask dhcpcd.service

So that way, even some software is requiring it, it will be skipped …
You could investigate more tho, see exactly what is starting it.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll investigate further. :slightly_smiling_face: