Conky On Latest Manjaro KDE

Hi Community, I recently swiched from Manjaro XFCE to KDE

Everithing is working fine even Conky did until I made the most recent System update.
Now Conky wont appear anymore.

Help much appreciated :smile:

Hello and welcome,

A couple of posts related to this issue

Please also let us know if the search function in the forum is not working.


So to simplify all this can you please modify the script or tell me step by step what to do

I would like to use Gotham_mod or something like that.

Or can you recommend me a different program?

I added a screenshot because I wanted to ask you if there is a way to modify the ui of Conky-Manager I
barely can identyfy the symbols

I had similar issues, when running conky in the cli you should see some errors. Ended up it was the syntax that was an old version as @bogdancovaciu mentioned.

It was resolved by adjusting the syntax to the prescribed formats at: Configurations · brndnmtthws/conky Wiki · GitHub. Used some of the sample configs that is available on the github repo as further guidance.

You will have to change to syntax in your conky config/rc file manually unfortunately.

I am a beginner could you please tell me exactly what to edit?

Each conky theme will have its own config file. It is impossible to tell you specifically as this will be different for each theme and will be dependent on where you saved the themes.

The conky manager will be pointing to one or more conky themes at a specific path, presumably ~/.conky. Each of these themes might have their own subdirectory and in there will be a config file. Sometimes these files have extensions like .rc other times not. Note I am not referring to the .lua files. These are lua scripts files.

I just had a look on mine and the config file on my system for Gotham is located at :~/.conky/Gotham with the conky config file named “Gotham”. It is this config file that needs to be converted, either manually or through the conversion tool as previously mentioned

But I already mentioned I want Gotham_mod please edit it for me ir share your config file and see if it works for me too

No one here is going to edit it for you.

Conky is script based and if writing or editing scripts is not your thing you are better off looking at the KDE widgets to enhance your desktop.

Between the posts that was provided and the information I’ve given, you have everything you need to be able to learn how to do it yourself even if by trail and error.

well i cant even download this script from github

@zylan well I tell you that I can’t, but anyway you don’t have to help me if you don’t want to!
Keep in mind neither you didn’t fell from sky with all the knowledge you might have!

how to start a specific theme in cli

You will not gain any knowledge going back and forth on a support forum thread, whining that I don’t know how, do it FOR me.

Let me guess…you don’t know how to google a phrase either?

This’ll be my only contribution to your conky journey…


Take a little initiative…don’t be a :vampire:

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@merlock Wow thats great… you don’t now either, at least you say so but you seem to be a professional in judging people, the Forum can be really proud of you, that’s for sure the best way of teaching something to someone!!

It worked great until the sistem updates, I know how to edit these files in Conky-manager, but I don’t know why they won’t start anymore … if I start Conky without the GUI the default theme is loaded and I don’t know how to change that!

Conky is working but is no longer able to support old style of configuration files in Conky Manager

~/.conkyrc in home folder is now ~/.config/conky/conky.conf and uses a ‘lua style’ language structure
(similar structure to conky .lua script files but different function)

conky changed syntax style years ago and has done a good job of maintaining backwards compatibility

conky-manager author appears to have stopped developing and maintaining package beyond Ubuntu 14.10 - Conky Manager – TeejeeTech
updated configurations should have been created by current maintainers at Launchpad (Code : conky-manager) but last sign of activity there is from 2016
and no sign of any published conky configurations to be able to convert

best i could find for an old Gotham theme was this:

this is the old style .conkyrc

running the conversion script ./convert.lua .conkyrc conky.conf changes it to conky.conf

but the height and width values are wrong - screenshot
and there is an error message

conky: Invalid value ‘conky’ for setting ‘own_window_type’. Valid values are: ‘normal’, ‘dock’, ‘panel’, ‘desktop’, ‘override’.

so configuration needs to be edited manually for working conky.conf

if the convert.lua script is not working for you, use these examples and the style guidelines from conky wiki to edit the configuration file manually

if new configuration file is saved to default location and name ~/.config/conky/conky.conf
conky can be started just by terminal command conky
and conky-manager is no longer required

Thank you very much, I’ll give it a try later , but besides that is there really no other app that gives me similar widgets already modernized?

I have none of the directories you’ve mentioned … if I run Conky from Konsole it loads the default theme and I don’t know how to change it!

Really nobody can help?

  1. You can edit the same comment, don’t rush in many comments
  2. Looks like you need to edit the config because it’s no longer backward compatible
  3. If you don’t wanna edit it but needs nice widget on screen i see you are using KDE, what type of widget you you wanna use? For example This is my plasmoid

As I mentioned in earlier Postings I Want to use Gotham Mod