Congratulations for the new website

Can’t reproduce. Try Ctrl+F5.

Yes, I’ve just this instance taken a peek and it’s top notch :+1:

It’s technically great, but I dislike light themed website (white background really?), and unfortunately using dark-mode browser extension is not working, it makes it worst… would take a great amount of work to un-white the website with custom code in dark-mode extension.

No big deal, I’m not going there too often.

Agreed 100%
Excellent and fresh new look!

That’s a pity because it’s invaluable from a support point of view. Especially if oneself isn’t on stable branch…

I hope that is rather sooner than later. Personally I don’t care about its (re-)design, just about the feature/service that got lost here.


If anyone is interested I made a similar utility to Branch compare that will be available while the official one is being finished: Branch compare for Manjaro

It’s very basic as it is meant to be only a temporary solution, but at least it has the basic functionality.

Just to be clear, this is my own site and it is not affiliated with Manjaro (Just in case :slight_smile:). Any problem or error on the site it’s my fault.
The site is meant to be a Manjaro “fan site” someday, when I have time to do it :smiley:


OMG i was working on something similar too for the past 5 hours. Mine only shows the branch compare for x86_64 for now. Support for ARM can be added later. I use for syncing versions through a .json file which is updated manually every 5 hours or so.


Strange, it’s reproducible. Maybe my ublock origin is getting too agressive, but I don’t see why it should.

Cool, this looks great!

Ups! :smiley:

This is mine: Christian Finnberg / Branch compare · GitLab

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Instead of repeating what you already said, you should try to disable your extension and see if that’s it. There is also an “analyze” mode in uBlock to see live what is getting blocked and why if this is the culprit so you can adjust.

I would like also to point out a typo in the CSS specifically in the “move-chevron” animation keyframe the word “calc”:
It is written:

	transform: translateY(clac(.6rem * 8)) scale(.5);

Instead of:

	transform: translateY(calc(.6rem * 8)) scale(.5);
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you can open an issue in gitlab project


In fact, I prefer the old website, especially the menu on the upper-left corner.

I think a smaller menu will be nicer.

Papajoke just posted before you the link to the repo

You been busy, I like this approach, can we use this?

It took a few hours :smiley:

Of course you can use it!

Great that saves me a lot of work, could you add a license to it? I actually did a similar approach with

Ok. I’ll do it later today.

In the meantime you all can use @papajoke 's excellent tool called manjaro-check-repos for comparing branches.