Congratulations for the new website

Just noticed that has a new face. Congratulations for this. I always thought that the old website was not very friendly to the users.

On the technical note, I myself, would have chose the same stack. Wagtail is very handy and I can’t see myself doing any web development without Tailwindcss! :smiley:

I know this is personal opinion, the only negative thing I found in the new website is that it can feel a little bit “overwhelming”, in the sense, that almost everything has a visual effect, even normal text paragraphs! In my opinion, that’s a no no in UI/UX.

Anyway, as I said, congratulations!


That’s what I admire about it!

I honestly didn’t think any website could be better than the previous one, but I stand (and sit) corrected!

Congratulations everyone! It’s stunning! :heart_eyes:

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I think i noticed a typo in the Plasma edition description (download page), mentioning it last updated in… 1999?


well found, these datas are on gitlab

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I think the same as the others, best web design I’ve seen so far, functional to the maximum, everything at hand in one click, anyone can now even find without problems the unofficial flavors, also buy a new pc or at least entertain yourself with the new hardware.
my congratulations also from spain


The Manjaro forum notification bot on Telegram is also working again. Great!

I also think the visual effects are a bit overwhelming and the green might be a little bit too aggressive(or maybe thats just a temporary impression for my tired eyes), but I really really like the new Downlad Page.
Looks easy to understand etc. what I am missing though is a Downlad button on the main page(Maybe just a redirect button to the Downladpage but centered), though I am not sure how much it was tested on newbys. But Downloading Linux is unfortunately most of the times I noticed the first “point of failure”, so this is already a great improvement. :+1:


@Yochanan @Aragorn @codesardine

Nice, Congratulation a new web site

unfortunately some link don’t work any more, like the branch compare, so practice.


Um, I have nothing to do with any of that. I’m only a moderator, not an administrator or webmaster. :slight_smile:



the links should be fixed now.

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Nice, thanks for your reactivity, but the branch compare is no more present

I hope on an other place ?

We did not have time to get around branch compare yet, there is a lot going on in the background at the moment, we will get to it eventually.

That is a pity!

Probably not, but is there any way I can give a hand with that? I have more or less experience with Python, databases, HTTP requests and Django (and also HTML, CSS and JS, of course)

At the moment branch compare is a bunch of bash scripts with cron jobs, that I don’t like but it works, so the plan is to move it to a subdomain with a slight redesign for now, until there is time to port that to wagtail, thanks for offering help is always welcome, I will speak with the team and get back to you.

it looks clean and pleasant for the eyes.

Very intuitive design, easy to navigate around. Well done!

How can a user view the datas (userfile-info.json) served from

Similar to how the json is served here :

Branch compare currently gets a 404, but it will come back in some form, in the near future?

From the end-user perspective, it was a helpful resource that answered Support-type questions without the need to ask on the forum, thus saving Manjaro’s and the user’s time.

Branch compare:

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I like the clear new look too, but…

  • the turquoise on every box on mouse over is quit irritating, especially when it’s not a link.
  • the green is differnet to the usual Manjaro-Green. I think you should establish an uniform CI

just my two cents…

Supplement: nonetheless…you guys are doing a great job and i really appreciate the work and effort you guys put into Manjaro. :hugs: