Confusion with TexLive installation

Hello all

I would like to start writing documents in LaTeX on my local machine (so far have been using overleaf).
Now, i found out that TexLive was already installed on my system. So I proceeded to install the VS-Code extension LaTeX Workshop. However, building my project failed because of missing packages. Using tlmgr I found out that the missing packages (and a lot more) were already installed. I also tried to update these packages but tlmgr errored out. On the ArchWiki I found out that apparently the tlmgr shipped with the TexLive distribution (at least the one in the AUR) is broken. I followed the guide to fix this. Basically I use tlmgr only in --usermode now. I am able to install packages and they get recognised by the editor.
Unfortunately this fix means that I have to install all of the packages I need (which are a lot) manually. It also seems unnecessary to me that I have to install all packages that are already present on my system again.

Is there another fix to my issue? Is tlmgr really broken or am I using it the wrong way?

Btw. these are the texlive installations on my system:

Thank you.

Don’t mix package managers. You should either let pacman manage everything TeX related, or remove your installation completely and use tlmgr.

Which packages are reported missing?