Confusion with packages and kernel updates

Hello, so I updated my kernel without issues (although i had to reinstall the camera driver from AUR but that was expected)
Due to my hardware setup I need to use the broadcom-wl driver, I installed linux-latest-broadcom-wl expecting it to have the latest version for the kernal when the kernal is ready to be installed, I also thought it would remove the old version of driver when it was time to update kernal.

I was trying to remove the old version of the kernal when i ran into this issue
I couldnt remove the kernal as it was depended on by the old version of the driver, So i tried to remove the old version of the driver but that did not work as linux-latest-broadcom-wl required it. Strange I thought, after useing pamac info linux-latest-broadcom-wl I saw that linux latest version of the driver was not ready for kernal 59. So what installed the later version of the driver, do i not need linux-latest version of driver as manjaro auto installes drivers newer versions when you update kernel? even when the drivers you install have an older kernel version in the name?

remove all package with latest

and recheck all option with

sudo pacman -Qs linux58-
sudo pacman -Qs linux54-

you should have same number package by linux kernel installed

mhwd-kernel -li


sudo mkinitcpio -P

thanks, but how did the newer drivers get installed? does manjaro auto find them and install when updateing kernel?

see this point

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux59 

check number package and missing ( can happens on new Kernel number )
also add headers

yea i installed the kernel and it works great but im wondering how it found all the drivers and installed them, as the ones i installed from pacman where for 58