Confused: pacnew file(s) empty?

Hi all,
So, I’m (finally) getting to grip (still a loong way off) with the pacnew things and such.
So I issue

DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff

(or diffuse, or vim or nano)
and I (v)iew a file.
The pacnew appears to be empty, so I assume the system always uses the “other” one and leaves the pacnew to be dealt with.
Wipe the empties?
Why would empties exist? :thinking:



pacnew empty ??? no, can you give file name (with path)

sudo pacdiff -o

I can do better: show you :slight_smile: hang on

As you requested :wink: :


ow, I did’nt update yet…

Ofcourse you should keep your existing /etc/fstab entries, and remove the pacnew file


is not empty but only comments :wink:
No touch to this file ! :boom:
as /etc/passwd.pacnew, /etc/shadow.pacnew, /etc/sudoers.pacnew, /etc/group.pacnew, /etc/locale.gen.pacnew


Ah, I dont know Meld that well yet…clearly
Edit - well, a tut can help…and some patience of me to READ the FM :rofl:

Just a tip on the .pacnew files, most of the times new commented (#) entries need to be merged, so files are up to date for future improvements.
You should keep always your uncommented sections.
If you’re not fimiliar merging, make a backup of the original file, do every file one at a time, and reboot to check everything is still working. Damage control.
After a succesfull reboot remove the corresponding .pacnew file.


Wow! thanks :hugs: that is a tutorial all in itself!

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To put it in Dutch:
“Hier ben ik even zoet mee”…
(I’lll have a whale of a time with that one :wink: )

Take your time, if not sure, just ask, we are here to help.

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I just did the update…
(tibetan bowls music in the background)
I opened a second terminal, (Ctrl-F3) and tried to log in, I can log in there…
Locale.gen was pacnewed (a new word, yay)
logind of systemctl as well
Sysctl didnt chagen due to explicit kernel settings…
bottom line: I can log in in a terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F3) with both user and root…
Pam.d did’nt change content and no pacnew was generated there…
Edit - no reboot done…yet…

Anyone who has made changes to Pulseaudio settings would see one or both of these


/etc/pulse/daemon.conf has most of the content commented out with either ‘#’ or ';'
but if a user has previously uncommented and changed some settings, those settings will be commented out in the .pacnew files and should not be merged
if a setting did get commented out by mistake it would just change back to default so it is not likely to cause any problems except for not sounding so good

/etc/pulse/ is for the pulseaudio modules and could potentially crash pulseaudio, but very unlikely
merging comment tags from the .pacnew will do no harm
not merging anything user has changed will stop anything being changed back to default

and Pulseaudio can be restarted to check if everything is working, no reboot needed

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

Daar is dat beestje inderdaad even zoet mee

LOL, ja he? :rofl:

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