Confused about LibreOffice packages

Quite a time ago, I installed LibreOffice from AUR, as a bug causing data-losses came with early 7.x-versions.
Now I have installed:

$ pamac list --installed | grep libreoffice
libreoffice-fresh-rpm           6.4.7-2             AUR        744,1 MB
libreoffice-still-rpm           7.0.5-2                        759,1 MB

But this page says 7.3.5-3 is the actual still version.
What shall I do

  • to keep the 6.4.7-2 version for safety,
  • get the actual still version for daily usage?
  • and - if necessary - to remove another libreoffice-version?

There is no *-rpm packages in the repo. So both of those are foreign, one seems to be from AUR.

If I where you, I would uninstall both of those and install either libreoffice-still or libreoffice-fresh (the newer one) from the repo.

I want to believe you meant uninstall both of those and install…

yeah, sorry. Fixed.

Thanks a lot!

The 6.4.7-2 from AUR saved my ass for a year, while the bug was not fixed. Actually, I’d like to keep it for safety in /opt.
To UNinstall the and to install the still-version from the repo, I’m thinking about:

$ pamac remove libreoffice-still-rpm
$ pamac install libreoffice-still

This worked fine. Nevertheless I had to switch back to the LibreOffice .rpm-package, due to the fact, that the official repository does not provide the “ReportBuilder”, a module which is mandatory for BASE reports. This is not satisfying, but at least it works.

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