Conflicts during for update

Yup, there’s a time sink for sure.

In this case, I suspect it’d actually rather be:

sudo usermod --move-home --home /path/to/new_home username


As I understood it while skimming the thread was that there WAS no home directory, it was gone. So not sure what --move-home would do for him.

Otherwise yes, then you don’t have to use mv after.

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You read more 'n me, that’s why I said


The OP’s /home is not on a separate partition; it exists under /.

Skim more carefully. :wink:

I understood it as the home was gone completely, other partition would not matter.
I clearly misunderstood.

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I thought maybe it was a Swedish thing; that skimming and skiing meant the same thing; but, how would I know, anyway, I’m a foreigner!

I usually do :

sudo pacman -Syyu

not sure what the difference is

OK. How do I remove the old kernels? I’ll look it up :slight_smile:

correct: the answer was : there is nothing to do

Thank you all for your help

Use -Syu in daily use for updates or installs.

sudo pacman -Syu = sync with package database and update

sudo pacman -Syu $package = sync with package database and update and install $package

The others should not generally be used unless you have a reason to.

sudo pacman -Syuu = as above, but allows downgrades (such as in the case that a repo package is seen as a lesser version than the one installed)

sudo pacman -Syyu = as above except ‘force refresh’ databse.

EDIT. Typo fixed :wink:

sudo pacman -Syuu

(He forgot the extra u for the downgrading :wink: )

Thank you. You are right I never knew -Syu had to be used daily! Will do now.

thanks. Noted -Syuu

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I didnt mean you need to use it literally daily. I just meant thats the standard. Though you should do updates regularly.

I thought so…but regularly.

Just follow the Stable Updates announcements. There’s even an App for that :tm:

that’s what I usually do but that time I ran into trouble :slight_smile:

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