Conflict between the kde plasma working environment and nvidia drivers

intel xeon e5450 775 socket
nvidia geforce gtx 980 4gb (reference)

I found a conflict in kde plasma with the latest nvidia drivers
I have to admit that everything runs fine on Open Source drivers and there are no problems at all
systemsettings5 it runs in 0.80s
the konsole also runs in 0.80s

I really want to solve this problem and understand why it happens
Let’s see the video Manjaro 19.2 - YouTube
Manjaro 19.2 and notice that everything opens quite fast and the bouncing icon next to the cursor is very smooth
nvidia 440.59
kernel 5.4.23-1
KDE plasma 5.17.5

desktop icon 0.90s
konsole 0.70s

P.S disabling allow flipping causes tearing of the image!
disable allow flipping
desktop icon 0.60s
konsole 0.60s

Manjaro 20 Manjaro 20 - YouTube
As you might have noticed the bouncing icon next to the cursor started to noticeable jerking a bit and systemsettings5 took a bit longer to run
nvidia 440.82
kernel 5.6.7-1
KDE Plasma 5.18.4

desktop icon 1.60s
konsole 0.60s

disable allow flipping
desktop icon 1.00s
Konsole 0.60s

Manjaro 21.6 Manjaro 21.6 - YouTube
The icon near the cursor had some very noticeable jerking, but the jerking stops when you disable allow flipping, but systemsettings5 still takes longer to open than on the opensource drivers
KDE plasma 5.22.5

desktop icon 2.50s
terminal 1.20s

disable allow flipping
desktop icon 1.70s
terminal 1.00s

I tried all nvidia drivers and the problem with noticeable jerking cursor icon started with nvidia 440.82 (Manjaro 20.0)
I assume that in some period of time in the code of nvidia driver added something that conflicts with kde plasma and nobody knows about it or holds back
This problem is 100% true also on gtx 1050ti, gtx 1060 6gb

  1. Why is the icon near the cursor lags when opening systemsettings5? (but when disabling allow flipping the lags disappear)
  2. why is it faster to launch systemsettings5 via konsole?
  3. Why don’t the opensource drivers have this problem?