Conflict between kernel and nvidia-utils

I update and upgrade regularly my computer with an nvidia GPU on the stable branch. I’m quite new to linux.

For this new upgrade, I have a dependency problem:

" looking for conflicting packages…

:: installing nvidia-utils (495.46-3) breaks dependency ‘nvidia-utils=495.44’ required by linux513-nvidia

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)"

I fear to make a big mistake if I uninstall kernels, I’m not sure of how it works.

What shoud I do here ? I tried to change my kernel in the setting manager but I have the very same error. The package manager suggests to uninstall linux513-nvidia.

Is it ok if

  1. I delete linux513 and linux513-nvidia
  2. I update my kernel
  3. I update all my packages including nvidia-utils


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It’s more complicated than I thought :tired_face:

Thank you, I’ll try that as quickly as I can and maybe update this thread !