Configuring notification sounds

Hello everyone. I’m a new user of Manjaro, and I’ve luckily gotten the system sound effects to work. However, I’d like to have a custom sound play whenever I recieve one of those pop up notifications that appear in the upper right.

I assume I just have to put a sound file in the sound pack folder with the appropriate name like “message.ogg” or “notification.ogg”, but I don’t actually know what name encompasses desktop notifications. If anyone knows I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Hello @Chaussettes :wink:

There’s no builtin method to add any sound and it seems the devs still have not high priority to add this feature:

Some application have builtin sound support and therefore you can change it there. For example thunderbird or telegram. But there is no global custom sound support as i know.

The only thing what you can do at the moment is going to Appearance → Settings and enable Event Sound there.

Maybe this could be solution: Sound notifications for XFce / Desktop / Xfce Forums