Configuring mta

I can’t understand how anyone could think it was acceptable for any *unix to be installed without a working MTA in the first instance, or for the process of getting one working to be so opaque and poorly documented in the second. Pushing back on the OP for such a reasonable request just seems unkind, especially a non-native-English-speaking OP. FWIW, I agree with everything OP says 100%.

So, to make things simpler for the next person who finds themselves on this page after entering “manjaro mta” into a search engine, here’s what OP’s frustrated persistence revealed as the recipe for success:

sudo pacman -Syu postfix
sudo newaliases
touch /var/spool/mail/<username>
sudo systemctl enable postfix
sudo systemctl start postfix

Thank you, OP. Good luck, everyone else.

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Manjaro comes with s-nail installed - but as any service it requires configuration.

Not even servers comes a pre-configured MTA - so you are barking up the wrong tree.

If you want to configure something to send a mail - learn it - instead of wasting your fellow community members with your desire to have copy-paste solution to your questions.

This forum encouraged learning - but no one wants to be abused

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OFFTOPIC for @linux-aarhus

Before You start yelling i am posting offtopic. It is due to i am not seeing PM button in your profile. So i will waste time of everyone here thanks to this.

I am unsure why you have separated dije useful comment from my original topic How to send myself mail via bash script? sendmail: executable not found (adjust *mta* variable); Currently no active mailbox - #15 by postcd

I am glad his post is visible there like this, though his post can be helpful also in my topic. Especially his commands should be visible in the first post of my topic to save people time. But no, you do not want this. Moreover your forum attempt to waste more time by not allowing me to update my posts in that topic to post updated useful information. I think that editing my own post usually means no hurt.

Please delete this if you have ended reading to this point, and thank you for your help in my topics. I appreciate it.


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