Configuring and setting up Local-Link Network

I’m trying to configure a Local-Link network between two machines with Ethernet, but I’m having trouble where they don’t see each other when connected directly to each other. I’ve tried selecting Local-Link Only from the list of options and doesn’t appear to work. I can see the link creates an internal IP of 169.254.xx.xx , but I think that only shows when only that local machine can’t connect to anything else that it’s currently connected to.

My aim here is to create an internal network for a SAMBA Share between 2 computers without having to route traffic the router, as well as create an NDI for ultra low latency IP video network for streaming purposes to record from one machine to another.

should be as simple as setting an internal IP range on both NIC’s
Ensure your subnets match and simply nominate 1 PC as the default gateway. It wont actually allow access to other networks but the default gateway setting is generally a required setting.

PC1 =, default gateway =
PC2 =, default gateway =
Both have a /24 subnet or

If you want to use IPv6 and do a link local setup that requires a router as one device has to advertise the network to join.

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What @akin2silver said but on top of that, you also might have to buy a special “cross cable” because not all NICs autodetect direct connections and cross cables internally in firmware.


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This is a big if! :slight_smile:
I haven’t come across a nic that wont auto detect pairs in a very long time.

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