Configure xdg to open whatsapp links in zapzap


i recently moved from Linux Mint Debian Edition to Manjaro.

I had set up to open Whatsapp links in Chromium.
But I dont rememeber how I did it and it doesnt work in Manjaro how I tried to set it up.
How do I do that?

Chromium is not my defulat browser (also wasnt on Mint).
Zapzap (Whatsapp client) is not installed as a flatpak.

The desktop file under /usr/share/applications/ for zapzp is com.rtosta.zapzap.desktop which I have set like this:

xdg-mime default com.rtosta.zapzap.desktop ‘x-scheme-handler/whatsapp’

But it thinks its a file:

[me@manjaro-laptop ~]$ xdg-open ‘x-scheme-handler/whatsapp’
gio: file:///home/me/x-scheme-handler/whatsapp: Error when getting information for file “/home/me/x-scheme-handler/whatsapp”: No such file or directory

do I need to use xdg-seetigns for this? it says

xdg-settings --list
Known properties:
default-url-scheme-handler Default handler for URL scheme
default-web-browser Default web browser

Or do I need to set up the URL handling in Chromium?

Second question:

Is there a way to sync Chroimum or ungoogled Chromium without a google account?
I have a server where i can run docker, is there something available to host this myself?
Or some online-sync, that is not google?


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For one, copy /usr/share/applications/com.rtosta.zapzap.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/, then edit it. It will override the system desktop file. Otherwise, anytime the zapzap AUR package is updated, it will be overwritten.

One question per topic, please.

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Thanks, I copied the file, but this does not open the whatsapp urls with it.
Do you know how to configure that?

Ill open another Topic for sync.

Also how do quote in this forum?

Telling you where to actually edit the file was my only goal. I couldn’t care less about InstaFriendWhatsFaceAppX. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Highlight what you want to quote and you’ll see a Quote and Edit popover.