./configure no such directory

I Downloaded and extracted waterfox
Cd waterfox
Zsh: no such file or directory

I reinstalled dev tools
And still get this error

Hi @Bitmap, and welcome!

Is there any specific reason you’re not installing it from the AUR? Because, I have, and it’s working fine.

waterfox-classic-bin                                                                                                                                                                         2021.10-1                      AUR
Customizable privacy-conscious web browser with primary support for legacy extensions
waterfox-g3-bin                                                                                                                                                                  [Installed] 2.6-1                          AUR
Third generation of customizable privacy-conscious web browser.
waterfox                                                                                                                                                                                     G3.2.4-1                       AUR
Fork of Mozilla Firefox featuring some legacy extensions, removed telemetry and no Pocket integration. This is the Current branch.

So it an be easily installed with:

pamac build waterfox-g3-bin

Also, I’d anyway not recommend you compile it, as it takes forever and one day to compile a browser.


Are you sure that filename exists? If it does, then it’s not part of the development tools, but of the package itself. In the directory, issue… :arrow_down:

ls -lA

… and see if there is a file configure in there, and that it has execute permission.

That said, why aren’t you using the version from the AUR? There are several versions in there, even in binary form, so that you don’t have to compile it ─ compiling a browser takes a lot of time and will significantly slow down your computer, if not make it impossible to use while the package is building.

pamac build waterfox-g4-bin

… will get you the latest binary version from the AUR, with gtk4 support.


I am glad i didnt jump straightaway into arch. Thank you.I didnt realise i called grab it directly

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