Configure my Raspberry Pi to auto login

I am running Manjaro-ARM-xfce-rpi4-20.12.1 on a Raspberry 3B+ and I want to change it to headless and auto login when booting. How do I configure that?

For thé auto login part I guess that you could take a look at

I’m still wondering for the headless part : do you want to remove xfce or just disable it ?

I use this with a 7" touchscreen monitor to run an audio server. I want to duplicate it but without a monitor, and I would access/control it remotely by ssh and VNC.

Autologin to GUI can be configured with lightdm settings.
If it works without a display present, is not certain.

SSH will only autologin, if you use ssh-keys as login method.

great! that worked, and can confirm it works without a display present, thanks.

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