Configurable Keylogger type software for personal use: "comment keeper"?

Basically Im burned out on writing long posts, replies, or comments on the internet that get deleted and werent backed up locally. Like if I wrote a thorough criticism on any sort of topic with references, citations, etc…that contained useful info I would like to still have access to it.

Ive been trying to get in the habit of writing things in obsidian first, so well written information is backed up to my own database regardless. Even if I write a longer post that isnt necessarily good enough to get written in obsidian I would really like to be able to have access to it if it gets removed.

Ideally a browser extension that retains local copies of text that is entered into general user input boxes, like a comment box or even this word editor, and saves them locally upon an onclick trigger when it is submitted would be perfect. The next idea that came to mind was something that is a keylogger like application that I could configure for retaining temporary logs of keystrokes entered into a browser.

Any thoughts on what could essentially be used as an automated “comment keeper”?


I have been using Textarea Cache for a long time now and has saved me many times from losing texts. I understand and feel the frustration of losing texts. HTH.

Thank you for your replies.

@cscs I later found an unofficial obsidian plugin that does something VERY similar. When you activate the plugin it pill the page title, url, and datetime into the mote automatically, and sends it to a local rest api. Im going at that one regardless as it would like an option to suggest to others.

@rolandd I was worried it would be a forefox only extension but its also available on the webstore. That looks phenomenal.

Thanks for suggestions people.

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