Config files not writable and filesystem damage


The situation:
I took a break for a walk and left the PC turned on for 1 hour or about it without any work. After 30 minutes PC went into sleep mode and when I returned, I’ve got the notification message for some KDE config files at /home/poul/.config/ was not writeable. I couldn’t close any of these messages as they started to appear after every action: open or close Dolphin, System Monitor, System Settings, interact with KDE Connect and even after I clicked to shutdown the PC. But I had not seen any of these messages after interacting with other apps like Steam or Opera (they had been at the background before I closed them).

So I just rebooted the PC and got File System Check Failed (ext4) on sda (SSD). The image (sorry for the quality, I tried the best of my phone):

After a simple fsck command it seems like it fixed everything and rebooted my PC normally. Although I don’t get any errors anymore and had never got something like that before, PC works fine and…

My questions are: what the was that? Am I supposed to do something now?
And the question that might seem funny, but as it happened when I did nothing with my PC, I am serious: Can filesystem someday just simply die without ability to use fsck to fix it? I guess the only Timeshift is going to save me that day.

I just need an explanation for newbie as I’ve been using Linux for 10 months and never got into some kind of situation before.

When you have filesystem damage, then the kernel will automatically remount the filesystem as read-only to prevent further corruption. This is especially the case with ext4.

If everything works normally again, then the answer is “no”. :slight_smile:

A filesystem can get damaged by an unclean shutdown, e.g. because of a power outage, or by pressing the reset button on the computer.


Thank you for the answers!

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