Config dialog 3000+ pixels wide?

Trying to configure the XFCE panel status icons, I went to panel, selected items, selected the tray status icons, and clicked the edit button. It popped up a dialog window that xwininfo reports as 3074x575. It is far too large for my laptop 1080p display.

Previously I have had an external display (another 1080p) connected, but it is not connected now and I have rebooted. I checked the Display settings and the nvidia settings and it only shows one display. xrandr only shows the one screen0 at 1920x1080.

Any idea what’s going on here? All the other windows seem fine, just this one is inappropriately large. Any suggestions on how to diagnose this? (I am running Optimus in hybrid mode. Also I noticed that Remmina somehow got installed and is constantly running now. I don’t know why, I did not install it or use it. Recent update?)

No update just adds random new software.

If you dont use remmina you should remove it.

Especially since it is remote desktop software. Especially it should not be running constantly.

Remmina default to load the interface in a tray icon.
Remmina is not a server but a remote desktop client.

You are otherwise correct - if does not use it - out with it …

Nothing in the repos depends on remmina, it did not install itself. Maybe you installed an AUR package that depends on it?

Either way, that has nothing to do with the main idea of your topic. One subject per topic, please.