Config "break" after each update

For a few month now I’m having few problems each time I do an update of manjaro sway :

First one is the background. On my config file in ~/.config/sway/ I have :
set $background $HOME/Pictures/wallpaper.jpg
But after each update my background becomes black and the only way I found to avoid that is to comment this line

# Default generated background
#set $background $HOME/.config/sway/generated_background.svg

in /etc/sway/definitions. What am I missing ? how am I supposed to set my wallpaper ? This config file comes from a custom install of sway before I started to use manjaro sway.

My 2nd problem appears when I start my session, or refresh sway, it spawns a window for kvantum asking me to install/Update Theme, but no matter what I tried, this window always popup. What am I supposed to do to avoid this ?

what do you mean ‘each update’? sway update maybe half year once.
output "" bg /usr/share/wallpapers/.jpg fill

It happened at least 3 times since last year, so that match.
Unless I’m missing something, this command does not overule the line I mentionned, my wallpaper is still black.

Have you tried the documented method?

Also: are you really on ARM or has this thread been sorted into the wrong tag?

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Ok my bad I was not aware of this way to set the background, seems like my old config file is outdated, I’ll try to sort everything out using the doc, thanks !

Didn’t see the tag was wrong, it may be my fault, I edited it.

About kvantum do you have any idea about what may be the problem ?

You can try to run manjaro-sway-themes and select a working config and try to fix it from there. Kvantum-manager pops up, when a theme is configured that doesn’t exist for example.

It worked, thanks !
I rewrote my sway config (and splitted it in files) according to manjaro-sway config/doc, so I don’t think I’ll have this kind of problem anymore !

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