Concerns about updating without a firewall

I have no hardware based firewall between new my new kde install and the internet. I know i can install firewall onto manjaro, but i also have a 2.0gb+ update to install before I can do that, when im going to be running ‘naked’ (well, firewall less)

Does this matter? I know little at this stage about Linux.

As no firewall is installed by default in KDE Manjaro and i have no hardware firewall am I safe to be online?


no, unless you’re installing the normal packages and nothing special from aur. don’t worry.

Hey Olili, so if i understand you you say there is no need to worry about there being firewall (neither hardware or software) unless i install stuff from AUR?

yes because the sources of the official packages are safe. everything downloaded is from the trusted servers.

I do not see how having a firewall could improve anything
safety wise
re installing from AUR - or from anywhere, really.

Why would you think it would?
What do you think would be the mode of operation of it
that would “protect” you from … anything while updating/downloading the software?

I was replying to what Olli said above "…and nothing special from aur. " basically i understood from that and his reply after that out the box my new KDE install is going to be safe despite me not having a hardware firewall or any software firewall as long as i dont get funky with stuff i install.

I intend to install a firewall through the package manager but im going to be without any form of hardware and software firewall for however long that takes and that was my original question as if it would be safe to have no protection at all during that time.

I understood that, but:
protection from what?

How is a firewall doing anything with regards to downloads you yourself explicitly initiate?
… because: it isn’t …

I was trying to gauge the reasoning behind your worries - to make it clear why you do not need to worry …

I fully understand what you are asking him/trying to explain but in his own word’s

"I know little about Linux at this stage "

It can be a little scary watching all those lines of code running past your eyes in the terminal console when you don’t understand any of it

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Most Linux distributions don’t ship/enable a firewall by default, because it is usually unneeded.

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Welcome to the Manjaro forum and linux.As has been already posted yes your safe to update your system.If you wish to set up a firewall later this will help.

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By default nothing should be opened to the internet as no service is enabled by default to listen to the internet (and also most of the time people are behind a router from ISP that already shouldn’t allow random connection from internet to reach your computer).

Also Oli having a firewall will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for things you download from the AUR as already pointed by Nachless, this makes no sense. You’re right that packages from official repositories should be 100% safe, and AUR or other external sources are riskier regarding security, but a firewall will not stop for example infecting yourself with a malware (or whatever malicious thing you were thinking) from an external source you install yourself.

Hi everyone and thank you for helping with my worries. I am really keen to get out of the windows system but my mindset is 20 years skewed which is why i had to ask this question.

I will now go ahead and update my system and start exploring manjaro and finding my way.

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