Computer gets too hot

Hi, my computer gets way too hot. The glass (see the pic) gets very hot when I play a game, like 3-4 min into the game, if yout touch the glass, its like touching a hot pizza. I build this PC by myself (with help from internet). But right now I dont know, what should I buy/replace so it cools down. Thanks!

Branch: Stable
Desktop Environment: KDE
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
GPU: Radeon RX 580 Saphire
GPU Driver: amdgpu
Kernel: 5.9

There is an aperture with holes at the top of the computer housing. Can you mount a fan into that? If so, add a 12 cm fan and set it to suck out the hot air through the top.

You’re running a 12 core 24 thread CPU with the prism cooler. While it may come bundled with the CPU I would highly recommend an AIO/open loop water cooler. The RX 580 looks like it is trapping a pocket of hot air underneath. If you cannot mount a fan to the bottom (or in the front directed towards the GPU) try buying a vertical GPU mount.

From the pic I can only see one case fan. Are you sure it’s exhausting? If you cannot add more fans to the case you might want to consider a new one.


Thanks you very much guys.

It looks like my case has a spot for the coolers (just need to remove the front). So does cooler from pic 3 fit in there? (I dont want to buy something I dont need, happend before)

if the PSU is not getting hot i would flip it so the fan is on the bottom which will help expel some hot air from the case.

Also, check the BIOS to ensure fans are ramping up with rising temps.

You’d need to measure your case, and compare to the specs of the cooler; conversely, you could go to the cooler mfg’s website and check for compatibility for your case.

Either way, you definitely need some additional cooling. My cooling setup (Corsair H100i, one top and one back fan) lets me run 10 core F@H at 4.7GHz, with a running 24 hr temp average of 158° F.

Oh, and why is your power supply mounted up there? That’s also a heat trap.

PSUs used to always be up there (back when a case was a grey box).
IMO the fan drawing in fresh air rather case warmed air is more of an issue than it being at the top or bottom.

That’s a terribly designed case! You have mounting for 3 120mm fans at the front, but NO mesh! There may be a slight gap around the edge but it’s not enough for a front mounted radiator!

I would buy 3 cheap fans for the front, and look for a 120mm rear mounted AIO. Try the fans first it may save you a little money. Start saving money for a new case!

If you want RGB, I would recommend the CoolerMaster MF120R ARGB fans. Cheap and good. I’m running 6 of them!

Thanks you very much!

I agree with @Twifty. But I’d go a bit further, since fans are relatively cheap…

  • 3 fans in the front.
  • Move the power supply to the bottom
  • 2 fans on top…top forward fan pushes, back top fan pulls.

Don’t even frakk around with fancontrol or anything else. Set your temp curves in your BIOS, and be done with it.

Ugh, 2019 cases are THE WORST. I would recommend just seeing what Steve Burke (GamersNexux) had reviewed recently — He had reviewed some budget options with full mesh front to set a rad in which are suppose to be good ATX budget options.

About the video card, I am not sure how to go about it on Linux systems (no hardware, no experience) but I wager there’s something similar to MSI Afterburner which lets you adjust power profiles, so that the GPU can be undervolted while remaining stable with only a nominal loss in clock speed. That would help to tame GPU temperatures. While I’d hate to recommend another YouTube content creator, Ali Sayed (Optimum Tech) has some videos about how to do that in Windows as a side-effect of his affinity for SFF, which could be repurposed for Linux in your instance to bring temperatures down.

I am going with this case, since mine looks its purposely made to heat the pc, with PSU at top and no meshes for 3 fans. Also, I am getting a CoolerMaster MF120R ARGB for the rear.
Can’t stress how much thankful I am.

That case is not any better than what you have now. It has a full glass panel blocking air flow to the front fans! Get something with a MESH front, NOT glass.

Follow this channel on youtube:

and look for his case reviews.

With a system like yours I’d fit decent fans (low-noise ones, peferably oversized with air tunnels to interface with the vent holes if needed) and use vacuum cleaner filters (or cut sections of a cloth or decent paper vacuum cleaner bag to fit, but this will likely restrict airflow more) on the intakes; inspect and clean or renew as necessary on a regular basis. This WILL significantly reduce crud ingress therefore less heat stress on individual components & also help to dampen the fan noise.

Water cooling does have its merits but also some dangers … for obvious reasons. It might be necessary though with such a high-performance system and in this case a top-mounted (or rear-,mounted) radiator might be a good solution depending on the case design.

My old “performance” PC (stolen about 10 years ago) was used with the side off as the big heatsink assembly wouldn’t fit in the case without cutting the side panel and adding a protruding grille. The CPU fan was an oversize one (8" I think) on a massive heatsink and it was only a quad-core @ something like 3.2GHz.

@Twifty Ouch, was about to do a big mistake. This one looks good (I hope).
Thank you very much!

Glad you saw it before buying. That case looks much better.

I never buy before 3 days have passed, to prevent incompatible things and impulse buying. Learned this the hard way.

I took the advice of @Twifty and others and now after stress testing, everything is ok.

Thank you very very much!

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Would be nice to see a pic of your new system.