Compton opacity option

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First my ask is both graphism & display and software & applications, i let the moderators change my post if i’m wrong in the section choice

=> In IceWm and Lxde i have to launch compton to make conky transparency (not displayd in a black background)
But all the windows and menus are transparent and with some effects i don’t want

compton -help returns that

[bozzoh@bozzoh ~]$ compton -help | grep opacity
-o opacity
-m opacity
  The opacity for menus. (default 1.0)
  Fade windows in/out when opening/closing and when opacity
-i opacity
-e opacity
  Inactive opacity set by -i overrides value of _NET_WM_OPACITY.
--active-opacity opacity
  Default opacity for active windows. (0.0 - 1.0)
  1.0 or changing based on opacity, depending on whether you have
--opacity-rule opacity:condition
  Specify a list of opacity rules, in the format "PERCENT:PATTERN",

I tried all those options but nothing change so here’s my ask what’s wrong with those options or how apply them correctly?
How to make my windows and menus 100% opacity i don’t want ANY transparency ? (except the conky display)

Eventually for those interested i was just searching a thing that way

compton --menu-opacity=1 --frame-opacity=1 --active-opacity=1 --inactive-opacity=1 --no-fading-openclose

Compton is not compton any more but picom.

If I recall correct - the format of the config changed slightly as well.

Thank you linux-aarhus
I’ll check that :slight_smile: