Compressed file format .uif

I downloaded a collection of reference documents but is in the format .uif, I have installed Xarchiver and Engrampa but non of them recognized this kind of compression, I have also p7zip installed but it seems not having I GUI interface on Manjaro and don’t know how to run it with the command line, how can I mount (maybe virtually) or decompress it, thank you.

OOOPS! Now I know the .uif extension was created for the MagicISO application, but is there anyway a form or a tool for opening it in Linux?

UIF is for CD/DVDs etc … like an ISO.

I dont know much about managing them.

I do know there is utility in the AUR uif2iso which will convert it to an .iso which would be easier to interact with. (after converting to .iso … just extract)

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