Compositor crash

Hi. I am new to Manjaro and Linux altogether. I seem to be facing this problem with the compositor (imo). It started when I initially installed Manjaro KDE Plasma but I got through that by changing the settings to Xrender. Just some time ago I installed a theme and changed the application settings and all of a sudden a lot of icons disappeared and now I can’t even access the System Settings. System settings crash as soon as I try to open them. When I try Ctrl+ Alt+ F12, I get a black screen with a blinking dash and I have to manually restart my pc again. Any help would be appreciated.

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

Remember the very first time you installed Windows, changed so many things you didn’t know what was what and had to re-install?

Well, it looks like you’re much better now and messed up Manjaro in just a few days so it’s:

  • Data Backup time (if you already have data under Manjaro, just copying it to Windows will be OK)
  • Reinstall time.


Go slow! You’re a N00b again and stay away from themes, downloading tarballs and installing them manually, changing rendering settings, …

and once you have a stable system again, read this:

and make frequent system backups and don’t hesitate to ask before you do dangerous things!

Now you’re in the status: Why doesn’t it just work like under Windows? and in 6 months from now you’ll be in Why can’t I make Windows jump though hoops just like Manjaro???

:innocent: :grin:

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