Compose key disabled at every reboot

I use Manjaro with the GNOME desktop, and I’m on the testing branch. I’ve recently noticed (perhaps after the update to Gnome 40? I can’t tell for sure) that the compose key that I have set is disabled after every reboot. If I open gnome-tweaks and re-enable it, it remains active for the session, and that it’s disabled again at the next reboot.

P.S. Most likely unrelated: when gnome-tweaks is launched and closed, it will never launch again in that session. Trying to launch it in a terminal will result in a "Failed to register: Timeout was reached" message.

Both problems solved after this ([Testing Update] 2021-07-09 - Kernels, KDE Gear, Xorg-Server, Deepin, KDE-git) update, apparently.

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